The JSP Dental Clinic uses the advanced technology inorder to reduce your pain and time with the affordable prices.We are using the advanced sterlized equipment for the dental treatments.We are providing the best dental services in Thoothukudi,Tamilnadu.Our aim is to provide the various advanced dental treatments for the rural peoples in the less prices.The Examination using intra oral cameras to view the nooks and corners of the mouth under magnification to view what the naked eye cannot see.


The Amplified light can be used to diagnose what naked eyes cannot see. To diagnosed cracked tooth, decay etc.

Laser Technology

With the increased advantage of lasers over the conventional methods, lasers are now used at a wide-scale for various dental procedures. A laser beam has a natural sterilization effect—it evaporates bacteria, viruses and fungi, which leads to a decrease in local infections. And the most important, the laser decreases post-operative pain by sealing nerve endings. In certain situations laser dentistry procedures do not require anesthesia. Other advantages include, no stitches, minimal blood loss, high sterilization ,minimized damage to surrounding tissue and faster wound healing.


An advanced form of X-ray imaging, where digital X-ray sensors is used instead of the traditional photographic film. It has uncountable advantages, of which includes time efficiency as it bypasses the conventional chemical processing and facilitates us to digitally transfer and enhance images as well as immediate image preview and gives the comfort of storage for innumerable years. The best part is the amount of radiation used to produce an image of similar contrast is comparatively reduced compared to the conventional radiography as well as the ability to apply special image processing techniques that enhance overall display of the image.

Relaxing Root Canals

The use of rotary instruments in modern dentistry has relaxed the tedious process of root canal procedure of multiple appointments to a single appointment. Moreover, it’s safe and possesses the enhanced ability to collect and remove debris from the canal system compared to conventional methods.Rotary endodontic employs electrically-powered instruments to perform the root canal treatment rather than stainless steel manual files thus reducing the chances of human error. This also allows us to complete a root canal filling in tooth with curved roots thus making it a quick and a reliable procedure.

Sterilization & Infection Control

We take sterilization seriously and is a must on our priority list. Cleaning, proper disinfection and protocol based sterilization is a must-follow routine at JSP Dental Clinic. Sterilization is generally completed by autoclaving pouched and disinfected instruments at high temperatures followed by proper and arranged storage of sterilized instruments ready for immediate use.